Courses WordPress: Consultation and training to Administrative Tools, and working with WordPress

Looking at the different management systems filling of web-resources, the most popular of these is Wordpress. You also have this CMS, and you want to learn how to administer? In this case, our courses Worpress for you - we invite you to learn.

First of all, we will prepare you theoretically: go through the terms and concepts CMS, consider its features and capabilities, will analyze the ways of its integration with other tools for the web masters. Well, let's continue practice: during the course of Wordpress you will learn how to create a wrapper for management filling: place it in the correct style, do headings and menu, widgets and content pages - in a word, all that is necessary to your web resource.

After that, you will learn how to work with plugins, giving more opportunities for effective administration. During the course of Wordpress you will learn how to connect feedback and the " like " button (or equivalent), set up mailing protect yourself from spam with Captcha and so on. And then learn how to make a site-based online store and translate web resource for real hosting.
All the stages will be enshrined in practice, under the strict guidance of experienced developers - our courses on Wordpress will fully prepare you for the effective administration.

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