Courses Joomla: Consultation and training to Administrative Tools, and working with Joomla

Do any of the content management system, even in the most simple and usability, has its peculiarities, tools. Joomla is no exception: its possibilities are wide, and the interface is convenient, but the subtleties still missing. Should be trained to work with this CMS to use it with maximum efficiency. Realizing this, we have developed courses in Joomla and present them here.

After training, you will get acquainted with all the features of the administration of this content management system and will provide all the tools for efficient working with CMS.

  • You will learn about the features and functionality of Joomla, about the stages of website development based on technology management and additional elements - in other words, get all necessary for the success of the volume of theoretical knowledge.
  • You will learn how to install and configure the CMS configuration to be changed in accordance with your desires and goals - you will be able to make this a flexible system as easy as possible for yourself.
  • You will learn how to work with the structure of a web resource (how to create, modify, move, delete categories, sections, paragraphs, as to fill the content - you will be able to make a website based on Joomla as you wish.
  • You will learn how to connect the Internet-shop, newsletters, advertising - integration with additional services will no longer be a problem.

Courses Joomla will be a crucial step to effective administration of the site.

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