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Contextual advertising

Why you need to order in the context of Us:

  • Saving money on advertising
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  • Increased conversion
  • Certified professionals
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Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising - this is the fastest method of attracting target audience to the Web resource. Contextual advertising can instantly increase not only the number of visitors to your site, but also significantly raise the level of sales of goods (services).
If you ordered the service to develop the site, you need to attract visitors (potential customers) at the site, as the development of the site is only the first step to successful development of business using the Internet. Contextual advertising is necessary in many cases, specialists in online advertising, studio «Web Building» recommend a intermittently or continuously, depending on the purpose and conditions to carry out contextual advertising to attract customers, but in the first three months after the site development specialists «Web Building» strongly recommend to order the service of contextual advertising professionals. Since the first month after the development of the site is often "invisible" to search engines, even if you ordered seo-optimization (website promotion, website promotion), as a professional search engine optimization painstaking and lengthy process, and the site must be profitable to first days of work, not "idle". So if you want your business to develop the internet you need to combine between contextual advertising and search engine optimization, increasing the likelihood of a sale of goods (services).

Contextual advertising from the studio «Web Building»

Contextual advertising is held in designated areas of the search engines, and on niche sites and even, in some cases, ads will appear on your competitors' sites, which are quite effective!
Contextual advertising is effective that advertising is broadcast only on sites with similar themes, the thematic sites and search engines (case subjects search query), ie it is aimed directly at the audience. Contextual advertising the ideal tool for advertising on the Internet, if needed instant results, and to maintain a constant influx of visitors to the site, in addition to search engine optimization.
In many cases, already after a few hours after the beginning of the content appears as a result of calls. And in some cases, the manager of the company is unable to cope with incoming calls!

Contextual advertising from «A» to «Z»

What is included in the management of the advertising campaign:

key to success in conducting content - this is a good budget, the successful positioning and effective advertising copy. Proper preparation of all phases will allow you to spend a minimum of contextual advertising money and get the maximum effect.

We offer the context advertising WITHOUT COMMISSION in:

Реклама: Google Adwords, Yandex Direсt, Meta Context, Begun

Effective management of programs in targeted advertising requires a lot of time and attention. Employees studio «Web Building» regularly check the statistics of the advertising campaign, the availability and preservation of specified positions are governed by rate-per-click, if necessary, selected additional words, phrases, synonyms.
For more effective advertising campaign you can additionally use the media and banner ads that will significantly increase traffic to your site.

Contextual advertising: price

The cost of contextual advertising consists of advertising budget and Commission the Studio that is 15% of the budget of the advertising company.

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