Creating a website on Yii

Site on Yii

If an ambitious startup or a developing offline business has a corporate Internet resource, the indicators of profitability and interest of the user audience begin to rapidly creep up. To create and promote such sites in the online space, many webmasters and their clients prefer to develop a site on Yii. With the latest generation of the PHP framework, performers have ample opportunities to implement unique projects that bring their owners a solid profit.

Significant advantages of Yii: from programmer to client

For the development of high-performance retail platforms and corporate websites with complex architecture, the Yii2 framework is a real godsend. With its help, large portals and thematic forums, large-scale web projects with well-thought-out logic, business card sites, blogs, e-Commerce service applications and CRM systems gain new life.From the developer's point of view, creating a website on Yii2 boasts the following useful features::

  • Built-in to optimize the operation of internal linking, navigation, and the appearance of advertising banners on the site pages;
  • Internationalization (automatic translation of the application message);
  • Automatic validation of forms with the output of error messages;
  • Prototyping without delays and spending additional resources;
  • A large range of extensions for the Github repository;
  • Built-in data display widgets;
  • Availability of basic registration mechanisms and user authentication;
  • The presence of an easy-to-use panel for debugging errors.

 Creating a website on Yii

For the end user , developing a website on Yii2 is also a great solution. To your attention, the main advantages:

  • A practical, functional administrative panel that covers all the needs and wishes of the customer;
  • The ability to experiment with creating unique elements, adaptive and user-friendly design;
  • Secure authorization and registration procedure with the possibility of personalized configuration of the role-based access system;
  • Fast page loading is the key to improving behavioral factors and promoting the resource to the top positions of search results.

New site on the Yii2 framework without risk

Why do business owners turn to "Web Building"specialists when developing a website on Yii2? We are on the way with those who are focused on long-term, comfortable cooperation with full immersion in the process. In turn, we promise our customers:

  • Qualified technical expertise of narrow-profile experts;
  • Conclusion of formal agreements with clear, unambiguous processes of interaction between the customer and the performers;
  • Fair pricing based on simple, objective and understandable criteria for evaluating the front of future work;
  • Compliance with agreed deadlines and a fixed budget without increasing the expense list and a floating deadline;
  • Comprehensive advisory support on all organizational issues (details of delivery, payment options, additional options for maintenance and technical support of the web product, etc.)

And, most importantly, the attractive cost of creating a site on Yii2 under the guidance of experienced developers of "Web Building"and an individual approach to each client will be the key to a long and productive partnership.

Relevance of Yii2 in our time

Professional developers and business analysts note the key advantages of using this tool in the process of website creation:

  • The use of a convenient, logical basic architecture with structured code and ease of interaction with it (facilitates the technical support of the resource during operation by full-time specialists);
  • High performance indicators;
  • The concept of cross-functionality when working with different databases;
  • Ability to connect third-party components (libraries, classes, extensions, plugins);
  • A variety of caching options;
  • A lot of Russian-language instructions and engineering documentation;
  • A large online community, always ready to help in controversial issues, regarding the choice of technologies when creating a site on Yii2, component compatibility, etc.
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