Creating a website on Symfony

Website on Symfony

Creating a website on Symfony is a great solution for developing complex, high-load web resources on one of the most advanced PHP frameworks, such as:

Naturally, the work on programming, support and maintenance of such Internet sites requires the involvement of qualified developers. Experienced specialists of "Web Building" have all the necessary competencies to implement even the most resource-intensive project in a short time and as efficiently as possible.

What should I pay attention to when creating a website?

To properly navigate the choice of the" engine " of the site, we recommend that you follow the following criteria:

  • In any project, sooner or later, the stage of modernization and maintenance will come;
  • A clear statement of business needs will allow you to find a suitable platform with an optimal set of characteristics;
  • The process of site development on Symfony will be relevant when the potential and functionality of another CMS is not enough, which will not be able to support further scaling;
  • The use of this framework implies more capital investment and time costs, compensating for this with additional value for the customer.

Why is Symfony site development a good choice?

Creating a website on Symfony

Fast site development and management of web applications with a Symfony-based structure has a lot of undeniable advantages:

  • The availability of a free license and free access to all modules eliminates the need to purchase package solutions or extensions (the advantages of open source code and unhindered use of all components of the framework);
  • A detailed documentary description of the CMS functionality with the ability to seek advice from representatives of the online community, if necessary;
  • Support for a solid database nomenclature;
  • Increased reliability and protection against third-party attacks and hacking;
  • Great flexibility and performance (creation of any structural data, with the possibility of making changes at each stage of development);
  • The availability of the maximum possible number of advanced tools for developers.

At the exit after development of the site on Symfony and launch of the project, the customer receives:

  • Ready and fully equipped, selling platform for profitable online retail in the e-Commerce segment;
  • High-quality, secure, productive web resource with a beautiful, adaptive interface;
  • Comprehensive project support with information support and consulting;
  • Timely and professional service.

Is the site on Symfony worth a lot?

The cost of creating a site on Symfony directly depends on the complexity of specific tasks and the resources spent. After a detailed analysis of the terms of reference and the implementation of all necessary procedures, the customer will be provided with the finished product, within the pre-agreed budget. You will not have to significantly overpay and spend money on unnecessary operations. After the overall budget is agreed, the total amount remains fixed and cannot be increased.

Professional website development by specialized experts of the Web Building studio provides the following benefits:

  • Full cycle of development of web products of various degrees of complexity "turnkey", from pre-project preparation, to testing, technical support and promotion;
  • Thorough study of the target audience, its desires and priorities, in-depth analysis of competitors and identification of their strengths and weaknesses;
  • Formation of a competent technical task with detailed customer requirements;
  • Convenient communication channels with free consultation help;
  • Increased control of the project development stages with tracking of the spent funds and getting to the deadline, identification of possible risks, connection of additional reserves if necessary;
  • Verification tests at each stage of development and solving organizational issues during the launch of the finished project.

Our services can be used by both small businesses and large firms – an individual approach and favorable terms of cooperation are prepared for each of them. Specify the total cost of services for the development of a site on Symfony from professional performers of "Web Building", which will depend on the urgency of the order, the number of requirements for the resource and the possibility of technical implementation of individual functions.

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