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Advantages site-card:

  • Best price
  • Minimum terms
  • Easy-to-perception
  • Quick download


from 600 USD

Сайты для Dашего Бизнеса $


Online Business Card - this is your business card on the Internet that is provided on display to millions of people of Ukraine and other countries.

Main objective of the site, business cards - providing basic information about goods and services firms, along with contact information.
Do you have a small but profitable business, then business card site is an excellent option for many users of internet dating with your services (goods) and will be a good solution for new businesses and individuals, with no large budget who want to express themselves through a global network.
But the online business card designed not only for commercial purposes, but for those wishing to improve their image and popularity - many directors and managers of large organizations have both a regular user and a Web user.
Site development as an Internet business card is ideal if your company needs as soon as possible to inform potential customers and partners about their activities.

Online Business Card is characterized by personal design moderately complex, without complex additional escorts (modules, components, plug-ins). Most online business card consists of a small number of pages and includes information about the company, contact details and location map, news block.

Creation site-business card: price and time

The term of development and the cost of site-business card is the minimum among all the sites We develop, on average, to create a site takes 1-2 weeks. The minimum price for the website indicated above, it can vary depending on complexity and functionality of the site.

For the receipt of detailed information, speak client manager of studio.

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