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Promotional site

Advantages promotional site:

  • Incredible creativity
  • Quickness of development
  • Extended functional
  • Hasty growth of popularity


from 1 380 USD

Сайты для Dашего Бизнеса $

Promotional website

Promotion website - an online resource to promote, market the brand, product, service, and even events.
The main distinguishing features of a promotional site is a stylish, creative and dynamic design with flash movies, and the main feature is the development of the logo and its positioning with further support and refinement. Achieving these objectives is achieved by attracting a high number of visitors. Creating a promotional site to quickly and clearly state their product on the Internet. Create site of this kind is very time-consuming process that requires great efforts of specialists from various branches of internet technologies and internet marketing.

Specialists studio «Web Building» strongly recommend that immediately after creating the site to create a "serious" advertising campaign on the Internet, as advertising on the Internet - this is what prompted them to create a promotional website.
The package promotional site includes a complex design with a separate flash-elements, feedback form, guestbook, forms, voting and rating products.

Terms develop promotional site an average of 25 working days.

Creation promo-site: price and time

The term and value of the promo-site can rock pioneers of marketing, at the same time for experienced professionals there is nothing strange minimum periods at the maximum price. The time to develop a promo-site is calculated up to 2 weeks. The price may be highly variable, so the price «from» indicated at the top.

The subsequent FREE OF CHARGE is included in the cost of development of promo site administration site by a period 1 month!

For the receipt of detailed information, speak client manager of studio.

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