Creating an online store on Magento

Online store on Magento

When launching a multifunctional online store, you should choose a CMS with extensive functionality. The option of creating a website on Magento is suitable for such purposes as well as possible.
Creating an online store on Magento has the following significant advantages:

  • Focus on current e-commerce trends. Magento is an ideal solution for organizing a trading platform on the Internet. This engine can fully meet the needs of the owner of a web resource. Developers do not need to add additional options to the wide functionality of the CMS, so the costs will be reduced accordingly. The product catalog is managed automatically, and the presence of useful features: step-by-step filtering, last viewed and added products, delivery modules, a grocery basket, a block with reviews and recommendations, only adds value to users;
  • A large set of marketing opportunities. When developinge site on Magento, you can implement various enticing activities: discounts and coupons, wish lists, automated mailing lists, etc.;
  • A transparent and maximally detailed reporting system. The administrator can monitor and analyze the history of adding products to the cart, purchases, search queries, lists of priority products;
  • High indicators of SEO-orientation of the online platform. Creating an online store on Magento is a profitable investment in the future strategy of active promotion, using the built-in CMS capabilities to configure all the necessary components for the growth of indexing: meta tags, popular queries, user-friendly URLs, XML site maps;
  • Increased reliability and protection against viruses. Stable operation, fast page loading, and resistance to malware attacks are important criteria that must be taken into account when developing an online product store
  • Convenience and ease of administration. A clear, functional admin panel with the ability to edit information elements of the site and update the catalog is another plus in the company's piggy bank for developing an online store on Magento.

Creating an online store on Magento is 100% justified

With free Magento CE and paid Magento EE, the development of an online store is 100% justified. Sites based on this CMS are designed for a large number of visitors and easily cope with a high load. The ability to quickly import/export products, free access to ready-made templates and flexible, adaptive design every day only contributes to the growth of the number of loyal fans of creating a website on Magento.

Creating an online store on Magento

In the process of creating online store on Magento we successfully use multi-stage development, at the output we get a regulated, ready-to-sell online platform. During the working moments, we consistently:

  • We analyze the product range and design a product catalog;
  • We form a structured framework of the store, taking into account the requirements for SEO and competitive resources;
  • We optimize the appearance of the site, guided by the best design UX practices;
  • Testing the site and filling it with text content.

A scheme of cooperation with "Web Building"

In conjunction with a properly configured and productive server, it is possible to optimize the development of an online store on Magento, providing high page loading speed.
The features of creating a website on Magento can be attributed to:

  • Advanced functionality with a decent set of options: multilingual structure, flexible discount settings, the ability to change the currency;
  • Deployment of multiple online markets with a single centralized management;
  • The ability to adjust the settings of the rights to use the admin panel;
  • Automatic control of statistical data (sales, orders, delivery, tax deductions);
  • Flexible product catalog management with optimization of sections, attributes, user groups, discounts, tracking of search queries, reviews, and product ratings.

It should be remembered that if you refuse to use alternative e-commerce in favor of site development on Magento, there are increased requirements for server resources and a high level of skill of performers for more detailed site maintenance. If you plan to host a highly loaded online market with a solid product range and advanced functionality, it is advisable to use the technical expertise of experienced specialists " Web Building". Call our managers to submit a request and discuss the terms of further cooperation.  

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