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Advantages forum:

  • Marketing is hidden
  • Active intercourse
  • Collection of large groups together


negotiable price

Сайты для Dашего Бизнеса $


Creation forum will become in case not only for the «club of like-minded persons», but also will become the effective instrument of advancement of new product, favour and even new company in the internet.

A forum pursues two tasks in all

  1. Intercourse of like-minded persons
  2. Intentional influence is on groups

Purpose of any forum - to collect more people on a site.
Presently forums are one of the most popular methods of discussion of questions on all of the internet.

Creation forum: price and time

The term of development of the forum on average varies from three weeks to one month, the cost for these types of work will be the amount specified above.

For the receipt of detailer information, speak to the client manager of studio.

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